Scanning and Restoration of 35mm Slides

Photo Repair

Scanning of film negative.

Some professional photographers sell the film negatives from past photo sessions.  If available, these negatives are TREASURES!  Legacy Photos can scan these negatives, clean them up, and Print them on high quality archival quality Fine Art papers.  Print sizes up to 16x20 inches.

Restoration of a badly faded print.  Often color photos fade to a purple hue where essentially all color information has been lost.  It is often best to restore as a black and white image. 

Restorations of Printed Photographs Using a High Resolution Flat bed Scanner

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Restoration of Print on a Bent Metal Plate - Starting with Studio Photography

For reference, Image #3 shows what the plate looks like holding it in your hand.  It is faded, yellowed, bent, kinked, and scratched!   Photography and lighting was used to" flatten" the plate and eliminate the reflections, as shown in Image #2, above.  Then that image was digitally restored to what is seen in Image #1.


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