• Output image size varies.  The emphasis is to capture all useful information for archiving.
  • Slides are scanned at a rate of $2/slide plus the charges for Post Processing.  All film transparencies scanned using Digital ICE capable Scanners and Software (highly effective removal of dust and scratches without effecting the underlying image)
  • Prints or negatives are  individually  scanned with global optimization at a cost of $2/print plus the charges for Post Processing.   A typical print requires  5-30 minutes to clean up and restore.  (This means that much of restoration is already done during scanning)
  • All Post Processing work done on scanned or photographed images using an image editor (Photoshop) is done at a rate of $0.75/minute (75cents)


Professional Photo Restoration

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  • Prints are charged as follows:  16x20 print ($25), each 11x14 inch print ($20), and each 8x10 inch print ($10). Based on the use of Archival Quality Fine Art papers.
  • Photo sessions, to make photographic copies, are $30 set-up fee plus $10 for each additional image after the initial image plus any charges of post processing.
  • All output digital files provided in both Jpeg and TIFF 16-bit formats. Jpegs are appropriate for display, printing and sharing.  TIFF images for archive purposes or additional editing.
  • Images stored on an included DVD or other digital devices provided by the customer such as memory sticks or portable hard drives.
  • Printing on a variety of papers, including archival quality fine art papers and inks, in sizes up to 16x20 inches

  • First DVD of results included free.  Optional output on a flash drive for $5/drive.